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" I called Nuisance Animal Removal about a loud noise in my ceiling. Jim was at my house within one hour and found a mother Raccoon with her babies. Two hours later, they were out, my house was sealed and I slept wonderfully that night. The best part was, mom and her babies were never harmed. Thanks for the fast, professional and thoughtful service!"
- Susan Roland - Duxbury, MA

Pictures Nuisance Animal Removal .

Two adolescent raccoons.

This is Rocky. He was rescued from an attic in Quincy, MA after being abandoned by mom. He was found a week after abandonment. He was very dehydrated and malnourished. Medical care was provided and he is now being reindoctrinated into the wild.

Six one week old cubs (baby raccoons). They were removed from an attic in Duxbury after fighting mom for about two hours. Yes, we go the extra mile to get the job done immediately!!

Three brown bats in a manufactured collection chamber. We don't just slap up doors and let the bats go. At the home owner's request, we can actually collect the bats and remove them from the area. This minimizes the chance of the bats getting into another part of the house.

A bat in action. Typically, if you find one of these flying in your house at 2:00 am, it's because there is a colony in your attic or crawlspace. If this is the case, an exclusion is the most effective (guaranteed) way of ensuring all bats are evicted. Bat guano piles are often a sure sign of an active colony. Bat guano, when left in piles, can contain mold spores and the rabies virus. It is important not to touch the guano as it is impossible to tell whether the dropping are infested. Cleanup is available as one of our services.

Squirrels account for 50% of all animal intrusions into houses in New England. They chew their way in through existing gaps in soffits and dormers. Another favorite place of entry is the louver vent. The damage is usually a hole the size of a softball or larger. If left unchecked, they will make other holes as backup. Also, they love to chew electrical wires and structural beams. An exclusion combined with trapping the offenders is most effective when the problem is out of control.

Pictured above is a Northern Flying Squirrel. They are the nocturnal brethren of the common grey squirrel. They do not actually fly, rather, they swoop from tree to tree or house. As they swoop, they spread their legs, revealing webs which allows them to control their glide path and decent. On the rare occasion they are seen, they are most often mistaken for chipmunks. They will be heard in the attic usually from dusk till early morning. They are just as destructive as their grey cousins.

A Flying Squirrel Exclusion - From Start to Finish

The job begins with a comprehensive inspection of the house. After looking in the attic and finding evidence of flying squirrels, the focus of the inspection moves outside. This is the perspective of a louver vent from ground level with a telephoto lens. To the naked eye, there is no evidence of flying squirrels entering at this point. A trained professional knows that looks can be deceiving.

A closer inspection reveals the entry point of a family of flying squirrels. The hole in this screen was no larger than a golf ball. That's all they need!

Jim is custom building an exclusion door. The sizes are very specific. Too large or too small, the problem will persist. Each application is different. We are extremely experienced to custom fit the exclusion doors wherever the point of entry is.

Just as critical as the size of the door is the installation. Nuisance animals are relentless. They will claw, chew and pull for hours. Our installations ensure the animals are out for good and no further damage to the house will occur.

The finished product is barely visible. This is a temporary installation. The exclusion door typically stays up for two weeks to ensure all the animals have left the attic. While the louver vent on the other side was undamaged, it was screened to prevent the squirrels from entering through that one. Also, the customer elected to install a chimney cap. We use stainless steel chimney caps and we warranty them for life!